Issue 3: Dictationship

American Girl

Sara Deniz Akant

I can only think of those dolls.

bir varmış there was and bir yokmuş there wasn't but hey -
at least they were diverse. but hey - at least they all
had their own stories - for example -
the one I probably liked the most - I think her name was Peri -

she hitch-hiked from the terrible clutches of her demonic father
and soon-to-be lover - Gengis Khan - all the way to a hospital
in New
Itty -
which they called “the NYC hose-pit.”

you could get there through a highway that people drove
along a thick green hose that had been attached to the Khan’s
long red pointy dick - which ran
through the center of the earth baba - silly baba - gunning straight
into America’s great big vagina -
which opened up in the middle
eastern side of ada Manahatt -
tada! - yavaş

of course it was a little stuffy in the hose.

and no one wanted to pick Peri up
for a while - since Gengis was so angry with his dick
stuck in the ground
that he had pounded the earth
around him yavaş -

the man who finally stopped
was from Connecticut - and he was really drunk.
he asked - as a favor - for Peri to describe her lover’s penis
in the great great detail of her great lost empire -
which was difficult

because Peri had never actually seen a -
how do you say -
having only crawled through
a hose attached to her father’s - the Khan.

the man from Connecticut seemed small.
he wanted to party with Peri and wouldn’t let her
out of the car without a good mental image of how
bi daka lüt -
lütfen - yapma

when they reached the NYC hose-pit someone pulled Peri out
and rushed her into an incubator -
gave her a sister - gave her a brother - washed out her heart
and brain with a sponge - so she would never remember
bir varmış - bir yokmuş -
how to get back home