Issue 1: Inaugural Issue

All the Yellows Peaking for a Half Hour

Claire Wilcox

Excerpt from All the Yellows Peaking for a Half Hour

…The mist off
trucks…seems to have a yellow…sort of…vague
yellowness to it…if you look at it sort of…as a
swath…there’s a yellow haze…but now the trees
are green…and in the rearview mirror there are
lights…there are one, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight lights…nine, ten d then I two smaller
lights, a deeper yellow ifme…I’m hungry for this
sushi I bought at the sthat has yellow roe on
it…little roe…and on the the gas pump I left these
specks…yeah, tobigo
a yellow disappointment…disappoint hovers over t
leaping black deer over yellow
diamond two yellow hazard lights flashing on the
back of a trail pulled over on the
…black deer on a yellow diamond
…butter patches are, uh,...nailed…to municipal
metal barriers…debris on the shoulder...passing…
through the grime…I have retained yellow, if I
say yellow, and I say yellow, you can no longer
use ityellow. like if I’ve said yellow, and
therefore inhabit yellow, when you see yellow
you will think on this and have it

is yellow     there is the yellow and The
yellow     Yellow faded butter yellow
showing yellow oyster is yellow
But these is     different yellows     is
passingyellowing the yellow of Lucy close
to yellow
A yellow peaksis is legal yellow
minimization and undo is the bar of yellow
gradient which is the yelloseeming, 1sticks.

Yello hey.     there is a
tip of speed, opened yellocrowning patternd
yellow     is .     type of yellow
aforementioned yellow border,
there is a corner leeching out. the yellow
there is a newly sighted yellow
knotted yellow hiding past the yellow     
interstice. returns
there is minimization.undoes
yellow     suggestion. yellow     in these

I read thmy attention: faculties: interrupted.
when I wrote in a poem “PM WORMs the idea
of how anything flashing seeks to enters into
choice, connecting me     back to things I’ve
read, to my research into bourgeois interiors;
where it seemed yellow was all over. Peaking
[the uncanny [yellow], the yellow decade]
     I remember     when a piece of
yellow caution tape snapped in my peripheral
vision as I was walking down the street with
my brother and his frie
nds. I saw it was a piece of yellow in my
peripheral vision. I saw that it was caution
tape, but my bowere seized with the

What could that possibly be looking at