Issue 1: Inaugural Issue

A Seasonal Question for You

Alex Cuff

Hi I just started shaving
my armpits in order to stay
clean I don’t live with my mom
or any women and what kind
of product should you use I really
appreciate it what about down
there how often should you shave
your private part plus what about
private part hair can you tell me
the name of any how long does
it take you to shave your armpits
and legs I'm just wondering to see
how often I should shave both
my armpits and my legs and how
long it should take thanks again
for your kind helpful answer I really
want to shave there but I’m worried
about little red bumps I really
want to shave there but Idk
how to like up or down and
the flaps what if I cut myself please
reply I’m gonna use the powder
cause my mom doesn’t really
buy me vaginal things I haven’t
touched that area with a razor I
wanna shave down there but I’m
scared of the little bumps and
the itchiness afterwards I would
trim it down with scissors but
will the red bumps still appear
should I or should I not do it
what is the current style as to hair
down there if I do I’ll start bleeding
my mom doesn’t know that I
have pubic hair should I try again
can someone answer pat’s question
totally bare or landing strip
so to speak natural unless
showing in bathing suit LOL like
not to sound promiscuous so
confused and pretty much scared of
any pain I want to start shaving
but am unsure what area
is supposed to be shaved clean
and what should just be trimmed
should the labia be shaved clean
and the area above trimmed does
anyone else get this I was told
to go with the grain so I think
that’s why I got so frustrated I am
seeing a wonderful guy
that hinted it would be better
if my area was a bit trimmed up I
cut myself during that first attempt
has anyone else ever felt that way about
the hair down there guys what should I
do or should I wax I have a bf I
might be getting some so
should I shave it all away or
just a little I have a date tomorrow
at 11 AM with a guy I’ve known
since primary school really
uncomfortable feeling like I have
some bush growing down there
should I shave my whole vagina
I’m worried it will like grow
further up onto my back is this normal
so confused and pretty much
scared of any pain there are times
that I glance at my area and I
sort of miss the hair I felt like
nothing was being accomplished
the hair makes me really nervous