Issue 2: Feminisms

We're Good People

Mira Mattar

well yes no two people are the same I know it’s not her fault her sister’s prettier than her I’m just saying that’s why people like her more ok why some people like her more superficial people I know they shouldn’t but you know people and I heard she visits him more than he visits her because she needs the mother behind her she’s a powerful woman but I don’t know what she’ll do if her son wants to marry that girl I mean where does she come from again her father’s the one who yes her father’s the one who I think she’s too tall to have such short hair I think with arms like that she should be wearing sleeves but it’s hot inside ok but short sleeves those little capped sleeves come on I mean come on it’s hard having a house that big it’s a nice house yes it’s a beautiful house but she can’t look after it alone she needs a girl to help her I don’t know where she got that last one she was an angel and she loved them they had such a nice room for her but the living room in the father’s house we went to yesterday no before yesterday is a long L-shaped room with a sofa at one end I didn’t get a sense of the whole space but I think it’s quite small not too small but smallish you know I know yes I know not very grand it’s a bit of an old fashioned style but it’s good quality and clean and maybe they moved it around because there were so many people coming otherwise you’re right it is stupid to have that sofa there it makes no sense no sense at all it’s stupid but the mother’s so young it’s strange you’d expect something more modern is that her real hair I don’t know it certainly can’t be her natural colour come on everybody dyes their hair yes ok well I don’t but yes ok but she’s definitely had some work done though don’t you think botox definitely definitely but I don’t know what else I hear she used to be fat you know a real cow oh and that poor girl couldn’t lose any weight after the baby and everyone around her’s getting thinner and thinner she must feel awful I mean she looks awful but she must feel awful and it’s always worse to feel awful than to look awful well maybe not but maybe and did you see her sitting up there while that old man put his chair right in her eyeline and said ok leave me here I’m going to sit here all night and we said ok then we realised why and she sat up there for hours in that tiny skirt crossing and uncrossing her legs and all the girls were in tiny dresses with backs cut down to there and skirts cut up to here and you know what you know what she’s 24 why shouldn’t she show off her tatas in that dress she looked fantastic why shouldn’t she show off but what was that dress what was she thinking you know I don’t like to be mean but for her own sake somebody should’ve told her but I don’t like to be mean you know us we’re good people and you know why you know why it’s because we know what’s important and you know what’s important most important of all the most important thing in the world in the whole world is family and if you love your family you’ll always be happy and you’ll always have someone there for you and someone on your side trust me I’m older than you trust me when I say everybody else will let you down friends boyfriends sometimes even husbands but when you share blood it’s different trust me I know so many people have disappointed me so many people that now I only trust my family that’s why I don’t understand when you say you don’t want to get married don’t you want a family don’t you want your own family you love children and now that you’re a bit slimmer you’d look so beautiful in a wedding dress you can settle and start building a home and a real life and there’s a big difference between a girlfriend and a wife and not many people realise that but there’s a difference a big difference and wouldn’t you rather be a wife I mean boyfriends are fine but come on I mean come on at some point everyone has to get serious that’s why even though I think she’s a bit standoffish and arrogant I think she’ll be good for him and its time for him to get real and he loves her it’s obvious and she hides it well her thighs are actually quite wide but her stomach is flat so she looks ok I mean I’m just being honest you know us we’re good people but I still think someone should’ve told her about that dress I’m not being mean we’re good people everybody says we’re some of the best people we’re known for it they know us in shops they know us all over we’re good people we’re good people