Issue 2: Feminisms

A Transcription of a Division

Barb Smith

“So watch closely now as I
I put the girl in the box. We’re
going to lock her in this box.
You’re going to see it nice and
close too. Alrighty. Now, we
have to lock her up because
sometimes she changes her
mind. There we go. Let’s lock
her little feet up. And lock her
head up. Because… All that
beautiful hair and that scarf
on. Now, we are ready to saw.
Okay, gonna watch? Going
through all the way down
there. And out. Alright.
Now, we divide the body in
two pieces. Ow. Oh. That’s not
very nice, is it? Yes, went
right down. Lets get this
one in. It’s stuck. Would you
like to pull her
Restraint, containment, contortion, impact, wound, interruption, silence, death, rebirth
head? Its called gristle on the
backbone, that’s what it is.
Look at that. Okay, lets have a
look at her. Put your hand
out. Have a look at your
feet. Wiggle your toes. She
seems to be alright, doesn’t
she? Alright, tell you what,
we’ll separate the body.
Ready? 1, 2, 3! Well! Let me
have a look. Would you like
to have a look at yourself?
There’s your feet. Shall we
put her back together again?
Okay. Wiggle your foot, you
alright? Tuck your hand in.
Lets hope it heals up. Now,
we removed the blades.
Sharp, you know. Alright,
now then, you okay? Let’s
see how she is.”