Raji Bathish (1970) was born in Nazareth where he currently resides. He has published eight books, which include poetry, short stories and hybrid “open” texts, including A Room in Tel Aviv (Beirut, 2008), Land-Confusion-Sea (Amman, 2011) and most recently This is How Rosa Played (Haifa, 2013) and as well as numerous articles on sexuality, cinema and literature in several Arabic newspapers and portals, including al-Akhbar, al-Quds al-Arabi and Jadaliyya. He was one of the editors for the Queeriyat section on the Palestinian cultural portal Qadita, one of the first Arabic cultural portals to dedicate exclusively to queer writing and is currently one of the co-editors of Anboob, a portal dedicated to publishing experimental writing that breaks down barriers between literary genres and to challenging the moral authority on culture imposed by the Arab regimes. He currently teaches Palestinian cinema in the Israeli National Open University.